Functions & Features


Hummingbird Systems Inventory Control

The Inventory Control Module is designed to provide a tool to manage the perpetual inventory for a company.

  • Inventory items are identified by a user-defined classification code and an item number.

  • Up to 5 prices, with associated freight charges and commission percentages are allowed.

  • Price breaks can be by quantity or customer type.

  • Discounts can be specified for customers, with some items non-discountable.

  • One of three inventory costing types can be used, actual, standard or average cost.

  • Multiple locations can be specified.

  • Adjustments can be used to move inventory from one location to another, to specify quantity adjustments and to specify cost adjustments.

Management tools include:

  • Inventory status report detailing quantities on hand, quantities reserved and quantities on order
  • Inventory status report by location
  • Inventory valuation at selected costing type (actual, standard or average costing)
  • Inventory valuation at last cost
  • Inventory movement, in dollars or quantity, listing beginning inventory, issues or sales, receipts and adjustments
  • Inventory turnover report
  • Month-to-date adjustments report

  • Inquiry for inventory status by item by location
  • Inquiry for inventory pricing and costing

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