Functions & Features


Hummingbird Systems Order Entry/Billing

The Order Entry and Billing Module is designed to maintain customer open orders and produce invoices.

  • Separate customer numbers can be specified for customer sold to, company to be invoiced, ship to location and end user location.
  • Sales tax reporting is provided for different cities and states.
  • Customer or items can be exempt from sales tax.
  • Commissions can be split to up to 3 sales reps.
  • Commissions can be specified for a sales manager.
  • Items on order can be specified as reserved in inventory.
  • Miscellaneous charges and comments can be placed on an order.
  • The amount of the order which applies toward the sales rep's quota can be specified.
  • A bonus amount can be specified for an order.
  • Freight charges can be specified either by line item or for the entire order.
  • Partial billing can be performed for an order.
  • Customers are accessible by either name or number.

Management tools include:

  • Daily and month-to-date order register
  • Open orders by order number or office
  • Sales representative profitability report
  • Order summary by office and sales rep
  • Quota board
  • Daily and month-to-date invoice register

  • Inquiry of open orders in summary or detail
  • Inquiry of daily and month-to-date order register and invoice register
  • Inquiry of open invoices by customer

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