Functions & Features


Hummingbird Systems Payroll

The Payroll Module is designed to provide all employee and governmental reporting associated the payroll function.

In addition to writing payroll checks, other features include:

  • Manual and void checks
  • Multiple checks for an employee in a single run
  • Overriding rates and deductions
  • Weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly pay periods
  • Up to 30 earnings codes
  • Up to 30 deduction codes
  • 401K deductions
  • Standard deductions (with limits)
  • User-maintainable tax tables
  • Automatic posting to general ledger
  • Access to employees by name or number
  • W2 printing and magnetic media supported
  • Detail check history
  • Flexible general ledger account posting, including earnings accrual

Management tools include:

  • Payroll register report
  • Payroll distribution by hours & earnings by department
  • Payroll summary, providing deposit amounts
  • Payroll journal, containing detailed posting data
  • Payroll deduction reports
  • Workers' compensation report
  • City and state deduction reports
  • Quarterly report, providing federal and state unemployment and 941 summaries
  • Employer's quarterly wage detail report
  • Various employee reports including deduction information, deduction limits, year-to-date earnings and year-to-date deductions

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