Functions & Features


Hummingbird Systems Production

The Production Module is designed to facilitate the reporting and control of inventory produced and used in the manufacturing process.

  • The bill of materials is multi-level.
  • When production is entered, component inventory is relieved.
  • Inventory shortage tracking allows production even when component inventory is short.
  • Inventory shortages are resolved when inventory becomes available.
  • The bill of materials and 'where-used' structure can be displayed.

Management tools include:

  • Daily production report
  • Month-to-date production report
  • Month-to-date usage report
  • Month-to-date scrap report
  • Inventory analysis report based on order requirements
  • Production requirement exceptions report based on order requirements
  • Production planning report based on order requirements

  • Display of open order requirements by item through a selected delivery date
  • Display of production status which includes the production and use for the last 12 months and month-to-date and year-to-date for both the current and last year

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